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Sterile Cabinets are most commonly used at microbiology sections of laboratories. There are two types available, horizontal and vertical. The vertical type has a sash the can move up and down with a manual controller. The air is blown in vertically.
The horizontal type has a rear panel which takes care of the air supply to the cabinet. This model has no sash in the front and therefore is always open.
The panels and frame of the cabinets are made of galvanized steel sheets, painted with anti-acid epoxy paint and kiln dried at 200 °C. The worktop is made of 304 stainless steel. The sides consist of fixed safety glass panels. The air taken in from the room passes through Carbon and Hepa filters before entering the cabinet.
The Hepa filter removes particles from the air, removing 99.998% of all particles. The filters have a life span of 2000 hours and are monitored by a timer. The air also passes UV light to kill of bacteria. Inside the cabinet is a day light lamp for increased visibility. As an option it is possible to mount a gas tap (like LPG). Further options are Air Flow Alarms and a VAV control unit.
A channel type ventilator provides the air circulation for the cabinet. The ventilator has a capacity of 960 m³/h (+/-10%). At the front of the cabinet is a 240V 16A power socket, a daylight, ventilator and UV light switch. Further there is a Fuse Box and Expiry Timer Meter for the Hepa Filter. The cabinets are available as units to be placed on a standard bench or available as units together with a separate support system. The Standard Cabinet Height is 1300 mm, 2050 mm with the 750 mm high support system. Depth is 750 mm, width is 1300 mm. Other dimensions can be made on special request.