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Radiopharmaceutical Fume Cupboard: This type of cupboard is used in medical Laboratories where radioactive materials are used. The fume cupboard has double-walled panels. These panels are filled with lead armor at the front side there is a sliding breast armor panel. This front panel gives equal protection as a 2.1 mm lead.
Panels on the front left and ride side are filled with lead armor. Optionally the panel at the rear and bottom can be filled with lead armor. This fume cupboard has integrated under bench cabinets. Some of the cabinets have a special function. One is an armored safe for 4 molybdenum-99/technetium-99m generators. These can be raised to the bench worktop when needed. It has an armored cabinet for Dose Calibrator Well. It has a switch to control the ventilator speed.
The standard Radiopharmaceutical Fume Cupboard has a dimension of 1500 x 700 x 2400 mm. However different sizes can be produced.