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Steel Hanging Cabinets

Laboratories need lots of storage space. Our furniture allow the placement of cabients underneath the benches. Three types of Cabinets are available:

· Suspended
· Mobile
· Pedestal

The cabinets come in different models. The cabinets can be equipped with doors or drawers. There is a whole range available with different configurations, ranging from single to double doors and from 1 to 5 drawers. There are also configurations with drawers and doors combined. The cabinets are available in different width to fit the many bench sizes. Suspended cabinets are fixed to the C-Frame. The height of the cabinets is thus that there will be clearance of 180 mm from the floor to the underside of the cabinet. Because there is no direct contact between floor and cabinet corrosion is prevented. Further it will allow for easy floor cleaning underneath.

Wooden Hanging Cabinets

The Cabinets can be made from steel or (treated) wood. The steel cabinets are produced from galvanized metal sheets and painted with special anti-acid epoxy paint, kiln dried at 200°C. The front piece, door or drawer cover, are double walled. This allows the screw of the handle to be invisible. The double wall also gives the doors and drawers additional stiffness. The wooden cabinets can be made of Laminated Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) of 18 mm thickness or B1 Quality fireproof chipboard. The edges of the cabinet and cover are made solid PVC.

Steel Mobile Cabinets

Mobile Under Bench Cabinets are placed on the floor and can be put underneath the C-Frames. The inner back wall of the C-Frame will be covered by panels to hide the services running behind. The cabinets are available in the same dimensions as the suspended cabinets. The cabinets are mounted on four castor wheels. The castor wheels have a height of 90 mm. The two front castor wheels have brakes so that they can be fixed in their location.

Wooden Mobile Cabinets

In addition to the wooden and steel cabinets we have the option to make cabinets of different material. We have executed several projects where cabinets are made of aluminium and stainless steel. Contact us if you have special requirements for your laboratory.

Steel Base Cabinets

When pedestal cabinets are used the C-Frames are not required. The under bench cabinets form the chassis of the bench as the depth of the cabinets is 500 mm the remainder of the space can be used to run the services behind. The sides of the benches, which are visible from the room, are covered with side panels. The underside of the cabinet is resting on a pedestal of 90 mm height. The range of cabinets is the same as for the suspended and mobile cabinets. The pedestals have solid PVC leg supports. The leg supports are used for levelling and prevent direct contact between floor and pedestal.

Wood Based Cabinets

For the smaller width cabinets the drawers are equal to the width of the cabinet. For the larger sized cabinets the drawers are half the size of the cabinet, two drawers side by side. If required for these larger cabinets we also can produce drawers the width of the cabinet.

Under Bench Cabinets Technical Specifications

Wall Cabinets

Three different types of Wall Cabinets are available;

• Open Cabinet

• Cabinet with Sliding Glass

• Cabinets with door(s)

Depending on the width, the cabinet will have single or double doors. The cabinets are available in different heights and widths.

Cabinets Handles and Hinges

The Cabinets and shelves are made of galvanized steel sheets, painted with anti-acid epoxy paint and kiln dried at 200 °C. Doors of the cabinets have double walls. The bolts of the handle are fixed on the inside of the panel and therefore not visible.
The door handles are mat chrome of 210 mm length. The hinges and handles are the same as used for the under bench cabinets. The standard hinges allow for a door swing of 90 degrees. If preferred we also have hinges that allow a door swing of 135 or 270 degrees. Chemical cabinets have a lock, for other cabinets a lock is optional.

The Cabinets can also be produced from 18 mm MDF – Laminate or B1 Quality fireproof chipboard. The edges are in this case made of solid PVC. Also the handles are made of PVC

Wall Cabinets on Panel Type and Mediacell Benches

The heights of the cabinets are 480, 630 and 780 mm. Depths are 330 mm for Open and Sliding Glass cabinets and 350 mm for models with doors. Cabinet widths are 450, 500, 600, 900, 1000 and 1200 mm. Each cabinet has a single adjustable shelf. The cabinets can be fixed directly to the wall. As it can be fixed directly to the wall.