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Gaz Cylinder Cabinet

The gas cylinder cabinet is used to store gas cylinders that are to be use within the laboratory.
There are two types, single and double walled. In the double wall type the space in between the two walls is used to direct the airflow through the cabinet. These cabinets have openings at different locations as inlet for the air exhaust.
The cabinets have room to mount manifolds on and fix gas cylinders to the wall. The standard cabinet height is 1900 mm. The widths are 450/500/600/900/1000/1200 mm and the depth is 560 mm for both types. The Ventilation System is installed separately.
Outside the laboratory a gas shelter can be constructed. In its most simple form it can be made by enclosing an area with wire fencing. In areas with more extreme conditions (rain, sun) this can be accompanied by a roof structure to protect the gas cylinders.

Gas Shelters